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Honey Bees For Sale


We are now taking orders for Spring 2019 Nucs and Queens  

This section includes package bees, nucs and queens available seasonally.  

Purchasing packages and nucs is the most common way to start your beekeeping adventure. Our packages come from respected breeders.  We do not ship packages , queens or nucs.

Simply go to the " CONTACT " tab page and send us a message. In your message tell us how many packages or nucs you want. You can pay the $50.00 deposit per Nucs and $50.00 deposit per Package with PayPal, check or money order. Remainder due on pick up. Please put full address in the address section.

          (​Don The Fat Bee Man Nucs)
​                      (SOLD OUT)
$225.00 - 5 Frame Deeps
​We have a limited number of "Dons The Fat Bee Mans Nucs" ​for sale at this time.  (BYOB - Bring Your On Box) - Local Pick Up Only

$225.00 - 5 Frame Deeps
5 Frame Nucs with a Laying Queen (BYOB - Bring You On Box) – Local Pick Up Only
#2 Package Bees – Local pick up Only 
​                      (SOLD OUT)              
#2 Honeybee Packages with LAYING QUEEN.
Local Pick up Only –NO Shipping
Italian Hygienic Bees with young Mated Queen
Volume discounts available 

Queens –Local Pick up Only 
Italian Queens are well mated and ready to use.
Queens come in a queen cage with attendants.
For Local Pick up Only – Not Marked